Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm in LOVE

She's 10 weeks old, hearing impaired, very sweet, svelte (about 5#). A Jack Russell by breed, an angel by temperament. White with a half inch of brown on her tail. Her daddy's name is Casper, her mom's name is Smiley. Given the month, we've decided to name her 'Boo'.

She goes to work with me. Pretty sacked out today, laying on her blankie, wakes up to chew her bone, sacked out. She is a cuddle queen.

I'm in love. I didn't know that I needed a puppy.

God worked through you people and now I have a puppy. I can't wait until it's morning and we see what's good about today!

PS Spellcheck does not recognize the spelling of blankie. I bet you all know what it means.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fearless Friday

Faith Flowers Fathers

Freedom Friends Forsaking all others

Fabulous Footwear Fortune Friendliness of strangers

Faith Forgiveness Faith

Fortitude Faith Food For All

Did I mention FAITH??

I was at my adult ed class last night and it came to me that although one of my Favorite
F(ph)rases (hee hee) is 'God is everything or God is nothing' I sometimes don't conduct myself as if I believe that. Too much lately, I have descended into 'Carol is everything or Carol is nothing'.

Now, isn't that nuts, talk about an instant depressant!! If I remember how it's supposed to go, I think I'll be all right.

Loved talking to you, now I will try to settle down after my 12 hour work day, yikes!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Inside Job

Sorry to be gone. Took the dog to work with me this week just to have a change of pace. Otherwise known as fun.

I feel ashamed that I feel bleak. Read Frunoblax who thinks it can go away with the steps. And the sugar craving. I'm ready to ask that it all goes away. Forty more years of adulthood ahead of me, we're long lived in my family.

Step 1 admitted I was powerless. That's what's good about today.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Working Together

Someone said something really sweet at a meeting last week, he said that a (12 step) meeting is the only gathering of people that just want the best for each other, to see each other succeed.

I'm hoping that I can say the same about my religious education class that meets weekly for the school year. Last week I shared my spiritual autobiography and I feel good about it. Already, I feel more understood and intimate with others. About half the class has already given theirs and they have had their hard times with cancer and house fires, I already feel less judged by them.

My dog is a new man. He has been blessed by Mother Carolyn and been cooed at by many sweet women today. His eyes are heavy and he is napping in his chair. I, on the other hand, will stay up until at least 9!

What's good about today is everything.