Monday, November 30, 2009

Nanowrimo Undeclared Winner

For those of you who have been wondering what I've been up to . . . I've been hand writing a 50,000 word novel to qualify as a winner for the National Novel Writing Month contest held every November. The object is not to turn out a polished novel, though that would be nice. The object is to unleash your creativity, write until it hurts, see where it takes you and basically blow the carbon out!!

Due to a total of 3 dead computers in our house in the last 5 weeks, various ages, various problems-no identifiable swine flu symptoms noticed-I had to resort to pen and paper which has worked out very well for me. However, there are two major flaws a)someone, maybe me, will have to transcribe it into a Word document and b)I was not able to navigate the Nanowrimo system in order to register my novel according to their process for hand writers.

I tried 3 different occasions, thought I had it figured out for today. I fucking, yes, fucking give up. I will write them a nice note and enclose a donation as they are a dot org type of outfit. Yes, I will try to get 'credit' for my work, but more importantly, I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I need the validation. I may do this again for my own growth but I will not bother to sign up if I think that I can't get my name in lights!

So, anyway, I'm declaring myself a winner to you, my 12-15 people who read me. Make an old woman happy by sending a comment my way. I'm in the library (Dell computer being delivered to me approx 12/18) and I'm tearing up!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quick Progress Report

Live to you from the Beverly, MA library with 11 minutes left. I have 12,997 more words to write for Nano but who's counting. Hope to snag a buy on a laptop on Black Friday. All is well.

Last weekend was the New England CoDA Convention and i did a workshop there that was well received which was a shot in the arm. Writing is doing wonderful things for me. I think that I could only have done this by hand.

As always, my higher power/goddess/source of all leads me to where I need to go and THAT'S what's good about today.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

checking in

Hey Peeps,

Am speed witing on the other local library, am on the 15 minute computer with only a minute left. Good news is that I'm at 28,000 words, Even better news is that though I've struggled for 30 years, I now have 30 years more to enjoy.

Love you all. Son's system down now too!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Couple Groovy Things

1) The BEST news over the wknd is that the dastardly computer company is going to refund my money instead of make me accept a replacement. I am sososo happy to put that behind me. The not so great news is that my computer guru has to swap out the motherboard on old Bessie so it might work or not. Keep the suggestions coming of your favorite laptop.

2) Another best thing is that a totally deserving friend of mine went to a sports convention in Boston to get a 40 year old basketball jersy worn by Bill Russell autographed by him. It was from some kind of championship game (I sound so girlie) and he paid her $20,000 to buy it from her!!!! It's in the bank, you never know what the day will bring.

3) A groovy thing is that some of you are missing me and that is very nice to hear.

4) We nano people got a cheerleader letter from an author pointing out the good aspects of writing by hand so I continue to feel lucky that life has gone the way that it has.

5) I cracked 20,000 words today, peeps!!!! Thirty thousand to go, ya hoo!

What's good about today is my gratitude to this blog and the people who have welcomed and encouraged me to use my voice. We never realize how much we can affect others. We're all in this together and that's what's good about today.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Gravy

It's not my idea to be absent this long but am limping along with no computer whatsoever. Took old Betsy to my guru who pronounced an issue with the motherboard. God, I love that word.

Anyway the forces have denied me access to keyboard and 'net which has made me all the more determined to do the Wrimo writing. I am totally portable with my cave woman pen and paper. My word count based on estimated 230 words/page is now over 11,000 which thrills me.

Writing in that matter, fast and furious, outside of my comfort zone is teaching me about faith and surrender. My aim is 2000 per day in addition to my morning pages. It is also teaching me to dare to be foolish, to write and to write some more.

So, I miss you all, I'm going to browse blogs again and then sequester and do my homework. I am also very active, taking my writer (that's me) to foreign movies and plays and nice restaurants etc. She needs nourishment.

Love you all. What's good about today is that I can keep my source driven writing a priority. Thank you almighty creator for the abundance in my life.