Saturday, November 7, 2009

Good Gravy

It's not my idea to be absent this long but am limping along with no computer whatsoever. Took old Betsy to my guru who pronounced an issue with the motherboard. God, I love that word.

Anyway the forces have denied me access to keyboard and 'net which has made me all the more determined to do the Wrimo writing. I am totally portable with my cave woman pen and paper. My word count based on estimated 230 words/page is now over 11,000 which thrills me.

Writing in that matter, fast and furious, outside of my comfort zone is teaching me about faith and surrender. My aim is 2000 per day in addition to my morning pages. It is also teaching me to dare to be foolish, to write and to write some more.

So, I miss you all, I'm going to browse blogs again and then sequester and do my homework. I am also very active, taking my writer (that's me) to foreign movies and plays and nice restaurants etc. She needs nourishment.

Love you all. What's good about today is that I can keep my source driven writing a priority. Thank you almighty creator for the abundance in my life.


  1. How wonderful it is to have such a busy fruitful life going...and be thankful to the creator Who makes it all possible for you.

    It's called "humility". You may not be able to name it, but I can--FOR you.

    When I am doing what I feel is in line with God's will, then all is OK with me, No Matter What!. And maybe that's how I'll continue to stay sober.

    Keep the fires burning up there, girl. I'm glad to be in South Florida during these winters.

  2. miss ya, Sis!

    I LOVE my new Dell inspirion laptop and windows 7 ROCKS! Just sayin`

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  3. Missing you, girlie!!!


    Wow!! Handwritten!?!?!?!

    You totally ROCK!!!!!

  4. I understand about crashed motherboards. Wow you are writing up a storm. Enjoy it.