Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Right Action

Otherwise known as restraint of pen and tongue in my case, I've been on a merry go round of emotion but as someone in a meeting said, it comes down to right action, not right thinking. Thank goodness that it doesn't rest on that.

So what's good about today is that I don't have any amends to make.


  1. Hey, you wrote a comment 3 years ago on a recovery poem of mine.I read it this morning and came to say yes I do write regularly (2x a week ) at a blog called conversing. I am not good with much on computers and do not understand why my other writing did not show up for you! I 'll go and try to copy my address- although I don't write directly about my recovery on any blog unless it strikes me as relevant somehow. I do live with meetings and so on, I am still active with new comers- however principles before personalities! I watch for anonymity- : )

    1. Thank you so much for commenting

  2. It is izzy again- Hopefully you will find my current writings here!

    I saved your link so know I can add your address -I hope!

  3. Yes, I know about restraint of tongue and pen. It has done me much good to be restrained.

  4. I really love the way you discuss this kind of topic.