Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Patriots Day in Boston

Even forty miles north of the city it's a quiet day. I check in on the headlines now and then.

Yesterday, the TV stayed on for hours. I had only just gotten my new cable box connected. Everything was purple and green due to my hook up. Today I saw a close up of the scene in my iPad and I flinched seeing the red blood on the street.

We are close enough to know people who had near misses yesterday. They, too, had been sitting at the finish line and then had moved on. Their brothers had finished earlier and had left. The father and daughter from my church were not running this year, they watched from the seating where the unexploded bomb was found.

I have a heavy heart.  It was an act of evil to plant a bomb, there is no meaning to blowing off the legs of runners. Good (and God) prevail.  The acts of a few will not obscure my faith.

That's what's good about today.


  1. WHEN I saw "Carol"in comment section, I wondered--is it YOU?! Happily, YES!

    Ya know, today I'm thinking how much worse it could have been--numerically.

    Evil IS evil--and here to stay, until the end, when everything will be OK.

    I sure happy to have run into you this night, Carol...

  2. Such a tragic thing. And so senseless.