Monday, May 23, 2011

Still Teachable

My, I have been away from my post(ing) too long. And I do need someone to talk to so I'm glad that you're here.

Both of my spiritual/ministry classes are ending, one will resume in the fall, the other will meet at a retreat center in June and then decide what it will do next. Sigh. They have both impacted me and my ideas about who I am in the universe and who I am as a part of creation. I wish I had my notes with me and I would share some of my findings, everything that I read last week reinforced that we are WITH divinity, not separate from it, lovely things for me to remember on a rainy, cold Monday in New Hampshire.

One of my assignments has been to create a Rule of Life. The rule is used as an organizing tool to help one with distractions from a spiritual life. It's roots are monastic, the rule was likened to a trellis that kept the grapes out of the dust. And it does get dusty out there, doesn't it?

So, the rule is a list of things that you hope to do. Some categories include worship, obedience, prayer and giving. It can be done by individuals or by groups, such as the New Life Fellowship in NYC who created one for their church.

I was impressed with a locally retired minister who has an active life traveling and writing books. He divided his rule into 30 pieces so that he reviewed one part of it on a monthly basis. I divided mine into 7 parts so that I can be looking at a different part of it each day of the week. To my surprise, one of the headings I chose is 'obedience'. It has come to my notice through other people's experience in the last month and now I am applying it to myself, a new lens to look through.

And that's what's good about today.

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