Monday, August 15, 2011

Thanks For the Encouragement

It's a much better day today. Let me randomly say that if I don't get a laptop or sign back up for cable service, my blog is going to continue to lag along. Everyone agrees with me on that, I can feel you all nodding. One of you rolled his/her eyes.

Well, let me tell you that I'm a week away from the Southern California vacation-see how I like it trip, things are moving along in that direction with some curious diversions. Such as my son getting cold feet! Okay with me, I think.

And I have my own diversions resulting in a doctor's visit today, symptoms of a urinary stone. Got the pain, the chills, the microscopic blood in the urine.

What's good about today is that I can see life as an adventure, not a threat to my survival. Yea for us!


  1. ATTITUDE! Yup. Much of life is about attitude, and gratitude. You sure got both good, Carol.

    It is inspiring to read how you are dealing with life..on its own terms.

    Son doesn't want to go? Maybe that's a good thing! Blessings for you on your trip. Hope it is a real 'vacate' from everything you do.


  2. Good for you to see life as an adventure. It isn't drudgery but exciting. Every moment of it.