Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello, Hello, I'm Back, So Very Much Back!

The news today is that I have Internet back in the house. I hope to get the blogging fever back now that I have the ease of writing from the comfort of my couch instead of running off to the library. I am blessed and so is Comcast since they got an old customer back.

The other news is that I'm back from my trip which was quite clarifying. I'm an East Coast gal. I don't quite know why but it has something to do with being 92% water and this walking around bag of water doesn't want to move to the desert. It would be wrong.

So, what's good about today is water. Glorious wet, life giving water that cleanses us and keeps our batteries charged. Power to the people and that's where I'm going, to read you people.


  1. Well Carol, come on! Put on your blog suit and "dive right in".

    I must have seen you first tonight Lucky me--grin!

  2. Glad that you are back. I am an East coaster too. I would not want to leave this ocean.