Monday, January 9, 2012

Could Be a Problem . . .

I usually stay for the monthly business meeting and this past week I had something to complain about! Our group conscience states that we will share for 1-2 minutes in a round robin fashion. The meeting had been packed with people on Saturday and the few people who got to speak hogged the time. It ticked me off and I expressed my exasperation and was glad enough for that. No way is this group ready for a timer!

My religion class confounds me always, it goes on and on in an unexciting way. At an extremely slow pace. I just feel like there are better things I could be doing. As in, anything could be better than sitting there in that class.

I notice how impatient I am at work with people who meander around the point.

Maybe I'm having a problem listening in several areas of my life. I don't particularly like to talk either, note the gaps between posts lately! Ah well, I surrender.


  1. We are happiest, when in "Flow."
    Some call it Holy Haste (not hurrying)
    when we act with efficiency and a clear mind. Many people are so caught in the cognitive, that they are like talking to a rock. You and I have begun to notice the glory of life, the moment, the sky, the light, our surroundings. Our love of others is not intellectual but lived. Sounds like you are outgrowing some of the committments you have. . . .but what do I know. Just my thoughts. Listen to Spirit in your silence and you will know.
    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  2. Yesss. Silence, difficult to 'tell someone off' if I'm silent--grin!

    You'll work through this period, talking with some of your Peeps helps--it helps ME (NOT talking with 'your' Peeps!!!!)

    Think of each of the two comments above mine, thinking of them as sent by your Higher Power, through Cloudia and dAAve's keyboard.