Monday, January 30, 2012

You See What Happened

In my last post, I stated that I needed to slow down and listen. I've been doing that. Honest.

It doesn't lend itself to blogging, but I've been lurking here and there.

I had been angsting about my religious studies group. Since my last post I have gone on sabbatical from EfM (Education for Ministry, an Anglican 4 yr program for laypeople to increase their knowledge of the bible and theology). Since releasing myself from that obligation, I have been like a bumblebee visiting the flowers. From one part of the garden to another. So far, so good.

When I go back there to take a formal good-by bow, I will bring back news of Peter Menkin, the poet. You may find him at Look for his piece, Ash Wednesday.

What's good about today? Changing it up!

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  1. Carol, it is SO difficult for me to let go of all those things about which NOBODY really knows ANYTHING...thinking that maybe God wants ME (note the humility?) to know.

    Other day I heard of a word that should always follow TWO words. The word is 'nothing'...and it follows the words "I KNOW..."

    Truly, I've been practicing that for two weeks, and slowly I'm being relieved of trying to solve the mystery of Creation, and on-and-on.

    Sometimes I think god wants me to just be with Him, and in silence, in His Presence, let Him know I love Him.

    PS. I do not like to call God "Him"...because *I* certainly don't "know" that God is a "Him" nor does anybody ELSE, for that matter!

    Just my opinion, take or leave.
    But ALWAYS LOVE and be at PEACE, Carol. OK?