Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hello, Hello

I'll chance posting even though I'm tired and thoughtless, I'm not believing my thoughts, that is to say. Work snafu busyness got in the way of arriving early enough for a meeting so that I could talk to my sponsor. Calmed down by knitting and hopes of conversation were dashed (excellent word) by her whispered words to me that she was leaving for a commitment in Maine with her home group.

My phone is amongst the missing since this morning when I was certain that I'd thrown it into my pocket. I might have put it on silent (Lord, I will never find it) in anticipation of walking around work with it. So, it is many hours later and I have my old dinosaur charging in hopes that I can call my phone which may be in silent mode.

Feeling a tad marooned, it drives me forward to prayer, ever impassioned to speak with a god about my delusion that I'm alone.

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