Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My Chit-Chats

Talked with a friend this morning who I met in program about four months ago.  She's not doing many meetings and she is sky high with spirituality and optimism.  The Shalom group is very important to her growth and she is alive with wonder and excitement.  I hope that she is right about all this.  She was thrilled hearing that I start a new job and I felt sky high from having talked to her.

Heard about a work friend on Monday who received severe injuries from a motorcycle accident over the weekend and was transferred to a Boston hospital.  The good news is that she has started fluttering her eyelashes.  I saw her late on Friday as I went home.  She was watching a patient being transported away in an ambulance after suffering a fall.  "I can't be everywhere", she said with tears in her eyes.  Of course, you can't, I replied, it's not your fault.  I know, she said.

I gave scant notice at my job and now my supervisor gets the gift of experiencing life in the trenches.  She tells my management team that she had been trying to take vaca this month and that her sister is having brain surgery but she will do her best.  And thanks me for my years of work for the company.  I, too, would have liked vacations and not to have returned to work after taking a supper break. She tells me, as I work hard to clear reports, that I am not eligible for re-hire and that it is a small world.

I think that it is a big world.  And that life is a series of hellos and goodbyes. 

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  1. Ahh, the guilt trip from the boss. Glad that you are no longer in the trenches. You sound relieved!