Friday, April 20, 2012

Picking New Flowers

Here it is almost a month since my last post.  This recovery business can keep a person busy.  Next week I will celebrate 10 months of sobriety.  I have tried some new meetings recently and went on my first commitment.

Work has been a bear and it is opportunity to examine my motives and watch my reactions.  My pathology follows me everywhere.  I see fear and approval seeking, know judgement and turn to my higher power.  Even now, as I accept the windfall of a new job landing in my lap, I observe my anxiety in giving my goodbyes and watch my boundaries ebb and flow as I paddle the waters.

I hope for the best as I close out the last 5 years at the old place and contemplate the new adventure starting in May.  I know that if I don't stay close to meetings and even closer to my personal defects, I can turn the best things into a canvas that I paint with the same old palette of color.

So, I didn't think that I had anything to post today.  Then I checked out your blogs and found some new ones to add to my list that you might like to check out.  Those are my 'new flowers' by the way.

That's what's good about today.

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