Thursday, April 8, 2010

Do You Feel Safe? Really?

I worry all the time. Needlessly, of course. It is an old habit. If I am to shake it, I really need to go to a higher powered place every day. I just erased a long post illustrating the issue of 'safety' for me. My next piece of art will be about being enveloped in the arms of abundance. I can't wait to feel better. That's what's good about today, hope.


  1. Who, ME? Worry? Why? What? SHOULD I be worried?

    What a comfortable thought, "enveloped" in the arms of ANYTHING! I agree, that abundance, the future, and hope, are in the Hands of a Higher power...thank God for that!--grin!

  2. I can worry too, but over the years I have worked to let it go! I'm not in charge -so
    maybe just keeping my thoughts positive
    and as close to the present as possible- will
    really shift outlook! Heard someone say"Worry is stewing w/out doing"

  3. Enveloped in the arms of abundance. What a lovely idea. I hope you share that piece.

    I don't worry much anymore. For me, the antidote was acceptance and faith. I've found that most of the things I used to worry about never happened anyway. These days, I find I have plenty to occupy myself in the realm of what is.

  4. We all back slide from time to time. Thanks heaven for progress, not perfection, and the 10th Step. Thanks!

  5. I do feel safe. I feel that where I am in life is a safe place. I trust that all will be well in spite of me. I like your thoughts about abundance. There is so much surrounding each of us that is abundant.