Sunday, April 18, 2010

Retreat, Revamp, Re-Enter

So, I was at the open AA meeting the other day and the discussion gravitated toward the unfamiliar habit of following instructions. It is a human trait to resist instructions whether they are in the Big Book or included with a toy you want to put together. It comes down to ego and it's relentless need to be 'right' even within the landscape of surrender.

The phrase 'my best thinking got me here' described me when I came into Alanon (and is why I cannot stray too far away). I was out of good ideas, in over my head and knew that the answers were beyond my experience. I was never a member who thought she had the right instructions, you know, I wasn't like the ones who want to tell their alcoholic exactly what they need to do.

What's good about today is that I've learned not to follow my busy brain into battle. Better that I hang back and use the rest of my senses to inform me. Even better is that I know that my higher power wants only the best for me and that each moment and action hold the opportunity for grace.


  1. I like what you write about not following your busy brain into battle. That is such a true statement!