Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank You Thank You Thank You

One of the themes in the am meeting today was the feeling of family in 12 step programs. Ten years ago I found the friendship of 'aunts and uncles' in meetings that I had never had in biological family. They are now brothers and sisters and if I last another 10 years, I suppose I will have some program 'children'.

As I drove away, it struck me that a good meeting has a strong deep in the gut level of truth and, also, a reverence for higher power. I have been to many Alanon or CoDA meetings that degenerate into 'he said, she said and then I said' renditions, short on Experience, Strength and Hope.

What's good about today is that the morning meeting seldom disappoints and that I got a chance to speak my truth today.


  1. Those are good points to make about meetings. I think that a good meeting is not intellectualized either but is real and honest in the sharing.

  2. I am so lucky that almost all of the Al-Anon meetings here in Naples stay focused on recovery rather than the problem. It happens occasionally that a meeting is a 'he said, she said and then I said' mess - but it is rare.


  3. Any meeting I arrive at sober is a good one. LOL

  4. Something special about morning meetings. I've been going almost every day for 3 years to a 7 AM meeting, which NEVER disappoints. Usually about 70-90 Peeps. In a week we do a Step, BB, Speaker Discussion, Beginner, and 3 discussion meetings, all closed.

    And I for one, LOVE them. Strong sponsorship, service, and we get fair share of newcomers...every day, don't know WHERE they come from.

    Sorry for the length here...

  5. I really do value the closeness I feel to many of the people in my meetings. Growing together in the program and seeing the best and worst of one another creates a pretty special bond!