Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Post Live from the 22nd Annual SE Massachusetts Round Up

That's all I really have to say given the early hour and lack of caffeine. It will be a day of workshops and then back home tomorrow in time for my 'Going Deeper' spirituality class at church. More and more, I work to perfect my faith & pray for optomism. I clear my path so that I might be graced with unmerited gifts and abundance.

Must have COFFEE, I know that there is some close by. That's what's good about today.


  1. Enjoy and soak it all up!
    But, get some coffee first. LOL

  2. Carol, Hi!
    What else is good about today is your use of the words "unmerited gifts and abundance".

    Because I also believe we do not ever 'earn' or merit or DESERVE what are simply 'Gifts' from God, for us to use in His Glory and Honor.

    Something borrowed, something lent, heaven sent!