Thursday, January 9, 2014

Acceptance Is the Answer to All My Problems

Years ago I picked up a greeting card that had a great message about the need for acceptance. I kept it for years, I think I had it taped to my bathroom mirror. A couple years ago I was gratified that I can enjoy the passage forever in the Big Book.

In the hour that I've been up, I have asked for acceptance in our living situation. It is super in a number of ways but I get pangs wishing I could give my dogs more companionship. I leave them for a long day at work.

I ask for acceptance because I can't meditate worth crap right now. My thoughts don't play like monkeys, they run like cheetahs! Ah, well. My only job is to keep the effort going.

I ask for acceptance of my overloaded desk at work. I will accept the bountiful from the universe and know that at any moment I can slow down and breathe and know that life is about taking one moment at a time.

I write what I need to hear, that's what's good about today.


  1. CAROL!!! How wonderful to "see" you this morning...yup, Acceptance is the answer to all my problems. I SURE believe all you wrote here, and live by it daily, as do you also. However, I foound myself "accepting", but not DOING anyting about it.

    Going to doctor this morning re. an infecion in lower leg. I have accepted (for too long a time) the problem, but did NOT accept what I have to do about it, i.e., GO TO DOCTOR. FEAR was the culprit, of course.

    So I figure we have another "action" word, ACCEPTANCE!
    BTW, I did not think of this until reading your well-written post. SO....Thank you.
    PEACE and LIGHT, Carol.

    Guess you weathered the first BIG winter push. I cannot IMAGINE the cold you've endured this year so far...Thank God you OK.

  2. Acceptance is the answer to all my problems today--a great thing to think about every day. Sometimes I don't want to accept and fight the idea. But I know that my will is not the answer.