Monday, November 10, 2014

A Moment of Silence

For Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass, this date in 1938 when Jewish shops and synagogues were destroyed by Nazis who beat and killed many while Protestant and Catholic Churches held silence. The Jews were forced to clean up the destruction and were barred from hospital care.

Another moment of silence for the survivors of this and other atrocities, that they have comfort and live in safety.

A third moment of silence for the 20,000 citizens of Mexico who are missing, that they have left this insanely cruel world and that their survivors find resolution, comforted by their faith.


  1. Thank you for remembering, dear Carol

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    =^..^= . <3 . >< } } (°>

  2. November 1938, I was age 5. "Nothing so horrible could ever happen HERE", I heard people say...

    Carol, I've been "doing" Facebook, for several months, it seems easier for me. Did not QUIT blogging, just time-out, I guess. If you wish to stop by: www:// Topics are still about our disease... Hugs!

  3. So many atrocities and still so much hatred. I hope that we as a human race will learn to love and have compassion. Seems that is the hardest lesson for us humans.