Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Magic of 7, Part 2; Let Me Know if This Speaks to You

I am lucky as I have a natural affinity for tossing things out. If the world can be divided between those who save things and those who don't accumulate 'stuff' then I have always been in the latter category. That said, in American culture we are susceptible to 'the creep' .

The creep comes in on little feet. It creeps in by way of mail offers that look too interesting to throw out, a couple good buys, some silly gifts received, books that are only touched by a dust rag.  It's not much until multiplied by weeks and months. You know what I am talking about.

So, I rooted out bags, over weeks, of clothing and holiday decorations and tax returns from the 1990s and books and gift soaps and Chia pets that have never been hydrated. It didn't happen overnight. There were some areas that I heavily resisted. I think that the best possible advice is to pack stuff in a box if you are undecided and look at it again in a few weeks.

That worked wonderfully for me with a box of clothes. When I looked it over again I found that the items meant nothing to me and I promptly donated them. Regarding simplification in clothes I will claim what I call the New England clause; it's darned difficult simplifying to 7 when one considers the seasonal weather range of 100 degrees, slush, drought so I am still figuring it out.

I knew that for a simple woman I had accumulated more pairs of shoes than I have owned at any other given time. The count was 22 pairs of assorted footwear, I think I got it down to 15 but if subject to an audit I might blush. That's where the reality and the attachment delusion get mushy for me. I am lucky to work in a casual environment so any thing goes. BUT, what if I need this or that, I can admit that I seldom wear the crocs but maybe next summer. Maybe, maybe, maybe I will need it.

Sigh. I can only say that life has gotten immeasurably simpler and better since I cut down my 'needs', I feel less weighted down. As fall has turned into winter, there have been some exchanges and I am pretty content. I have at least 7 jackets and coats to choose from and I will look at that. It comes down to what actually gets used and that is where I will answer to reality rather than perception.

The truth sets me free of burden, that's what's good about today.

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