Tuesday, November 25, 2014

You Are Loved, You Are Loved, Relax.

I utter the words to my dogs this morning from 900 miles away. My little terrier whom I think of as 'Edward ScissorsTeeth' has woken to an empty house this morning. It is empty of me, her all powerful, holy one. I, too, woke up at our time, 4:45 when the night is still dark.

She is my nervous dog child who chews upholstery, wallboards, curtains when afraid.

So , I send her the words of comfort above. The very words that I, myself, need to hear. My dawn is lonely too but the world is in its orbit and all is well. That's what good about today.

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  1. Carol, I hope that your little dog is okay. And I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving wherever you were. Sending warm regards.