Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Missing Dave Today

Poof, he's gone.  Many, many posts were done by him.

I have not been nearly as diligent as he. Seldom have I posted daily in the past few years since I started blogging and then, as he said, just done with it for now.  Part of the reason that I'm back is because the iPad makes it so easy.

I really have nothing in particular to share today so will give you a run down on my day.

Woke up early, four thirty or so.  Listened to a sober speech by someone with fifty years of sobriety and author of a book on the spiritual power of AA.  Fell back asleep as I knew I would and surfaced again at six thirty.

Coffee, coffee, prayed and started throwing things in the oven for quick cooking up meals.  Chicken breasts slivered up with onions, a red pepper and parsley to finish.  A slathering of olive oil, salt and pepper, pretty as a picture and ready to eat.  Not to waste an ovens heat, I threw in a butternut and a spaghetti squash to have with homemade sauce.  No wine in the sauce this time!  I also replayed the AA meeting recording as the guy was pretty interesting.  It is available through Tom Murphy,s Daily Reprieve email. He talked about the difference between magic and mystery, changes that come through self will or a spiritual focus in life.

Walked the dogs in record time before leaving for work.  What a luxury to have time around the house when I don't go to morning meeting.  I am there pretty much six out of six days a week.  This past week has been over stimulating and I hit the wall of exhaustion so taking a day off here and there is necessary.

Well, you've been good to stick with me through the first couple hours of the day.  To be continued.

And that's what's good about today, it continues.


  1. Hi Carol...there are so many tiny blessings to be experienced, aren't there? The smell of food cooking, the taste of coffee and the comfort of a life that includes "me" time.

    Good to see you, my friend...

  2. I miss Dave too. He was there no matter what until he was gone.