Saturday, January 12, 2013

Procrastination? Give me a minute . . .

My sponsor spoke at a nearby meeting last night.  I had been to other meetings at this site.  I lowered my expectations and headed over to support her.  She gave a ten minute share and then it became an As Bill Sees It meeting.

The subject for the night was Procrastination and there were only two pages on it.  There were about 20 people in attendance which was an immediate relief as it has been jammed, elbow to elbow on other occasions.  One man mentioned that procrastination is always about control.

Hmm.  Interesting. Then later someone else chimed in on that theme and added the word fear. I thought I was a procrastinator because I'm an Aquarian!  We talked a little bit about it as the meeting broke up.  The stranger and me, not me and my sponsor.  More about that later.

I do know I am a control freak masquerading as a calm person.  It fools a lot of people unless you live with me.  I had a partner who ventured that I was fussy.  An awful sweet way to put it, I thought.  But back to control issues, I hate to be under control of something, can I get it under control?

So, I just made flight reservations to see my mom.  It's been a couple years, it's time to rush into it!

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  1. Sounds good. My control issues come up a lot of times.