Monday, July 18, 2011

Faith, not Fear

One reason that I need to go to a morning meeting is that I need the reminder to be led by my faith and not my fear. I forget that I am a sane, learned, lovely, intelligent person who makes pretty good decisions, most of the time.

This plan to move has lots of pieces to it and I can complicate it beyond belief. It's an extra good time to remember 'HALT'. When I'm tired I am vulnerable to great self doubt and indecision. Luckily, lots of the time, I'm aware that it is my thinking that is the problem and not my reality.

As someone in my group used to say, I can complicate a free lunch!

What's good about today is that if I can see it coming, I can be aware of my faulty thinking without being swept away with it.

1 comment:

  1. Carol, it's hot here in Florida's 'bottom', but your posts always are a breath of cool air, maybe because you live nearly 2000 miles north.

    And YESSS, somewhere today I wrote how cool it is (and I would NEVER have dreamed this possibility!) that 600 people can be together and have a REEELY GOOOOD time without drugging themselves and their brains.

    Yep, we're on that same page!