Thursday, July 7, 2011

This and That

Hi All!

Good Heavens, I've become one of those folks who says, "I can't believe that it's been a month since I blogged!" Oh, well.

The retreat was good. All my anxiety came out in spades. I was really nervous beforehand (I dragged my feet getting there, my teacher gave me a call to ask where I was), very apprehensive, expected to encounter rows of mysterious men in robes. In reality, there were 4 friendly men in robes whom we (six of us) ate and prayed with for the weekend. It rained strenuously all weekend.

I can't say that I reached any serene state. It was pleasant. As another single woman commented, I spend most of my days by myself, quietly eating, contemplating. I'm very glad that I paid a scholarship rate as it didn't show me anything new and I would have resented paying full freight.

This summer has been a relief to be away from formal ministry classes, a true sabbatical. Of course, I still go to my daily "What's Good About Today" morning open AA meeting. More about that later . . .

I may be making a big move. My son is pursuing acting and was well received at a LA trade show this past week so we will see what comes next. My life has been spent at 15-20 year intervals in different locations. And I'm at year 18 in New England and feeling restless. Southern California is half way to Hawaii, Cloudia!! It's also a warm place to grow old.

Much to think about. And a new test to keep my head where my feet are, just a day at a time.

And, THAT'S what's good about today.


  1. I'm one of those Peeps who says, "I cannot believe it's been a month since YOU blogged!"

    Anyway, about your retreat: Sometimes it is not about what I have got out of it...but what I've put INTO it. And maybe someone ELSE got something out of it, which I'll never know. Maybe a monk? Only God knows!

    Sort of like AA meetings. Tonight a fellow with 10 days (sober) walked up to me and said, "You are Steve, and you came to my house, and drove me to my first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in 1992--and he has ten days now. I can say that probably in 1992, I did not think I got much out of driving way out to get him to a meeting. But I CAN TELL YOU THIS, Carol, that TONIGHT, he "made my day!"

    BTW, I didn't remember him AT ALL!

    Also to tell you, I DO NOT practice all the time...what I preach--grin! OK? But when something good DOES happen, I like to share it.....

    PEACE, Carol. Glad to read you again! I may blog about that guy tonight.

  2. PS. I love photos of those spiraling galaxies, so reminiscent of our (now-seeming) simple protons, neutrons, and electrons.

    Carol, do ya think there is anyone left who REALLY believes deep down, that all this heavenly traffic directs itself 100 MILLION light years beyond OUR Milky Way?

    If I keep pondering this (some Peeps call it 'meditation'--grin!) I'll be up all night again!