Monday, July 11, 2011

It's A Good Day

It IS a good day, I feel like I've gotten over a bump in the road. My particular cure was to go to church yesterday, we early service-goers are a small but intimate bunch. Several are in 12 step groups and some of them were part of the retreat group in June. I got emotional taking communion (maybe I'll start approaching the alter with sunglasses), the feeling of unity and hope is enough to undo me. My baptism (yup, never got dunked) date is set for 8/21. We finally got all the principle players present on the same date. I was ready to just prostrate myself crying out 'take me Jesus' at the next opportunity but apparently there needs to be more ceremony!

The phrase, Love the Stranger (Deuteronomy), keeps going through my head. Our daily reader used it on July 4th to honor our country's efforts in helping others. I'll agree with that but would also posit that all 12 step programs excel in 'loving the stranger' by greeting all who come through the door.

Apparently, there is a meeting that has it in their closing . . . we love you, we want you, we need you. And that's what's good about today.

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  1. I greet now, to the friend--and the stranger if it seems appropriate--"Are you HAPPY?"
    And at many meeting here and elsewhere, I have heard, but not in the exact wording as yours "we love you, we want you, we need you."

    Happy Baptism, even though it is six weeks away. I am glad you are back here.