Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Several days have gone by and now I don't have my book with me. And I've read some lovely other prayers since then.

Someone, a special someone at church asked how I was a couple days ago. I unloaded my current dilemma/opportunity and shared how it was eating me up. I can't believe that this plan to move has only transpired over the last 2 weeks as it feels like torture which has last a month. My suspicion is that my motives will only keep me spinning around in circles trying to reach unconscious needs until I crash and burn, that much older and none the wiser.

I am praying for discernment and am trying to treat myself well, respecting my needs for security and serenity. Remembering that I can be very careless with my life and that this typically follows denying myself some basic pleasures in life. Would I treat someone else in that way? Never.

With prayer, things will sort themselves out and I will be in balance again, or perhaps better than I ever have been. That's what's good about today.


  1. Yup Carol. You KEEP that wonderful attitude and outlook on life! You are inspiring today.


  2. Thanks Carol. Things do sort themselves out.