Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten Years in 12 Step=Ten Years of Prayer

You have to have a bad day or you never realize that you're having a good one. My blog title was a random thought I had during my morning meeting, just thought I would share it. Don't know where I'm going with it, I am composing a spiritual autobiography for my class so was glad for the thought.

I felt normal today and that was very wonderful, like a new lease on life. I guess I am getting old and maybe the 'sugar crash' isn't the myth that I thought it was!

Even sugar has turned against me. Oh well, there's still . . .

Let me know what your preferred substitute would be!


  1. A wild motor scooter ride around 100 mph. That ALWAYS is a pick-me-up! Now, please don't go sayin' something 'smart' about "Pick-Me-Up"!

    Other substitutes: BLOG, Baby...BLOG! --grin!

    Why don't we just stay sober today (Wednesday).
    NMW! (No Matter What!)
    PEACE!, Carol...