Monday, October 24, 2011

You Fall Down, You Get Up, You Fall Down, You Get Up

It's hard to say whether one is getting in or getting out, sliding downward or just coasting, going upward or headed for a fall.

I finished Sugar Nation last week in which the author relates that his labs were only normal as they passed from high to low and back again.

Siddhartha left a life of opulence for a life of renunciation and then left that daily grain of rice diet to come back to a comfortable middle way of life. Neither he nor anyone else pronounced him to be a failure. They spoke of him as Buddha.


  1. Ah! Timeless lessons in/of life. Someone wrote that "Life is nothing but one long lesson".

    We "trudge the road to happy destiny..."

    PEACE! Carol.....

  2. Talk of success or failure can be so beside the point --

  3. I keep returning here, so must comment. Thank for that "expose" on my FAVORITE guy in history, Buddha! If eating desert was good enough for him, then I'll have me a HERSHEY bar today! Thanks for you posts. Always a lesson, always a salient point...and I always LIKE!