Sunday, November 27, 2011

And the Dance Begins

Despite all my good intentions, I have felt lousy the last three days. Friday night I invited myself along to a new meeting. It was a nice size, had brief readings, met for an hour, no break. All meat and good to go, my kind of meeting.

The subject grew to be about honesty and I sat there wondering what is my truth. I sat in my morning meeting the next day and wondered if I could get to my truth in a meeting where I've attended under a different context. Nothing feels simple or knowable to me and I will never be able to sort it out by myself or in random conversations with others. Nope, this calls for the assistance of a professional!

So, I asked and she said yes and she said 'this is what we're going to do'. And she was pleased to be asked to dance.

My new sponsor. Just in time for advent.


  1. "My new sponsor. Just in time for advent."
    Praise God!!!

    While reading first sentences, a thought injected itself into my head, "I know just what Carol needs..."

    1. In-depth study, and work. "Searching" is the word, as we peel back those MANY layers of onion (they never completely end) This is called Step 4...Some Peeps say, "Yeah, I did that"...(Yeah, right!).

    2. An experienced and WILLING sponsor, who knows all the tricks my conscience will pull to shorten the process.

    This may be your "TIME"! I hope so. Blessings
    Carol, PEACE!

  2. Astronomy picture of the day...LOVE it! Extraordinary moment in time! Thanks for adding these daily phenomenal photos.