Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your Life is Your Art

Time for me to take a break for awhile. The feel of my life is changing for the better. The anxiety eases as I relax into my inner authority, my grounding in source. I'm still reading your posts but feel less of a need or energy to write.

Hasta la vista, talk soon!


  1. OK! I sure understand--grin! (Been off two weeks from blogging.)
    PEACE and JOY. Always!

    Yesss: Hasta la vista!

  2. Hey sweetie, I've read down through your post and know you are on my heart and in my prayers. You are never alone!!!

    I just wanted to thank you for visitin' with your sweet comment. Please drop by often, the door of the Ponderosa is always open.

    I soooo understand a break. I got overwhelmed tryin' to keep up with all the summer's work activities and dropped out for the summer. It was good. I might even make it an annual event.

    God bless ya and have a peaceful break!!! :o)

  3. Not trying to 'spam' your comments--grin! but I just read: "I drove to work this am with Krishna Das chanting on my CD..."

    Carol, to me this is prime example of deciding what kind of day you're going to have, then doing what it takes to HAVE it ("have 'at' it").

    GooooD! It is so easy to go along with whatever demon is handy, and say, "'F' this day, and maybe tomorrow ALSO!!"

    PEACE! Enjoy these days free of blogs...see you soon?