Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Am Back, I Am Front, I Am Sideways

Hi, I'm back. Very grumpy instead of being grateful. I have a brand new laptop. I had to have my son help me (asking for help, agghhh) do the most basic start up tasks. I don't like how everything looks because it looks all stretched out and different (different, agghhh).

I am so irritable that I just unplugged the refrigerator because it was annoyingly loud. I could have moved but I demand that my environ conform to me (agghhh).

But I'm happy to report that despite my short temper and frustration I really am grateful for this world, it's gentle blessings and the pleasures of being a spiritual being trying to live a physical life. My phone buddy and I are both undergoing a lot of changes in our patterns and perceptions and it is exhausting to both of us. The content varies for us but it has similar characteristics primarily around the mystery of how one gets comfortable when one's usual thinking and reactions don't work anymore. One is uncomfortable, that's what happens! It makes your fucking skin crawl and that should be the title of this post.

And what's good about today is that sooner or later you feel all right. You shed the crawly skin. You plug in the refrigerator. The bad times don't last so long, come so often or cut so deep. And you are definitely not returning back to where you were. Because we are part of the miracle, we have the spirit in our belly and we are growing.


  1. Carol, in this whole world there is nothing I like better--including, YOU know!--than helping someone with a brand new computer. I think of it like raising a respectful, willing-to-change child. One which always does just what you tell it to do. So much for that, (Whew!)

    And let all us miracles continue to grow. The spirit IS in you, me, and everyone who lives.

    Starting to feel the chill up there? Backwards, frontwards and Sideways? Stay warm in that old country house (hope I've got that right).


  2. God sent laptops to teach us patience. LOL

    Aloha, Friend!

    Comfort Spiral

  3. yeah, comfort feels like boredom sometimes.

  4. Nice. They say patience is a virtue. It may be but it gets painful sometimes.