Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'll Be Back Momentarily

My lap top is on strike, doesn't like it's new USB thingie after all. How can it be okay one day and not on another. Sounds like it's human.

What's good about today is a good credit card because sometimes a new something is the way to go. And another good thing about today is a pen and paper because I write every day am and pm, in pre-Nanowrimo training. So, it's all good. But you knew that.


  1. Has your laptop been drinking rum? LOL
    Yes, it's nice to know how to use a pencil and paper.

  2. enjoy the writing. And here's hoping for a well laptop.

  3. Yes. Of course--I knew that!

    Knew what? --grin!


  4. Good for you for the Nanowrimo - I tried that last year - its so demanding!!