Sunday, October 4, 2009

Love That Old Time Rant and Roll

You wouldn't believe how many clicketty clicks that it took to get back to you. I was ready to kick my blankety blank laptop into the blankety blank street. But now I'm on and in and soothed and love my quirky old buddy. Maybe not exactly love as tolerate.

As healthy as I get, I take my pathology with me. Today was a stay at home and take a break from stimulation day. Did some nice writing, rereading the last chapter I did in Artist's Way, got acquainted with my camera and took time to watch a DVD. The DVD, When Night Is Falling exceeded my expectations, took me down memory lane, had to watch the bonus stuff.

So, at 1:30 I panicked. I hadn't gotten into any of the stuff that I was going to nail down this weekend. I hurried out for my long walk, kept stopping to see if I could take a pic with new camera and finally permitted myself to turn around and come home since my interest today was not mileage. I did come home a way that I never had before and counted that as progress.

What bugged me was that I had no PRODUCT, no ACCOMPLISHMENT that my ego could show off today. What's good about today is that even though I have to go through a little Hell to get there, I can be proud of opening books instead of finishing them.


  1. Well, as I heard in my Al-Anon meeting again this morning, we are human "beings", not human "doings".

    If you had pleasure in this day, then no particular PRODUCT or ACCOMPLISHMENT is necessary.


  2. Why do I read you with a grin on my face? -grin!

    I guess I'm just "liking" it, and smiling because i DO know you--somewhat. We did meet, hugged, and shared a bit of laughter and joy.

    And I think that is God's way of saying KUTGW-
    "Keep Up The Good Work". So carry on, Dear Carol
    we shall meet again one day.

  3. I like what you wrote about understanding that you don't have be happy only with something the ego can accomplishment. There are so many other things that make up happiness.

  4. Somedays, Carol, it just is what it is.

    I'm restarting the Artists Way tomorrow....finally found it. lol

    And that's..okay.

    kisses, Annie

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