Monday, May 10, 2010

Another Sad Story

My neighbor and her husband are a tad older than me, they moved in about 6 years ago. Her eldest had a heroin habit, he had been clean for a number of years and had relapsed big time a couple years ago. I invited her to an Alanon meeting and she and her husband went to another one later.

I'm not close with her and don't think that they ever made a 12 step program part of their life. She's pretty fearful and glued to her cell phone so we really don't talk much but she and her husband have always been good neighbors and helped me out with the house.

She came over to talk in the driveway to tell me that her son had passed away about a week ago. He was traveling by bus to try to make some things right with his wife and children. They had texted a couple times and then he was out of contact. He never got off the bus. They found his body in the bathroom when the bus returned to it's point of origin in New York.

Yes, addiction is a real disease. And it's everywhere.


  1. There are so many sad stories like this one. Thank God there are also miracle stories too.


  2. A VERY sad story, and an all-too-frequent happening. I'm so sorry for your neighbor friends.

    Just remember, Carol--something I've always heard in AA at times like this--"Some must die so that others may live"...

    Blessings, Friend.

  3. So sad -- my heart goes out to his family.

  4. Thank you for your comments. We all lose when addiction takes someone out.