Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Wednesday

When I leave my morning meeting and drive down the woodsy roads to work, I know exactly what I'm going to blog about that evening. There will be this perfect program related revelation, simple and elegant. So, simple that I'm sure that I will remember it later.

And I don't. There's a couple note takers in that meeting and I'm going to have to have some paper to jot down a few words that will cue my memory. I may have to pull off the road because it is in the car that something comes to me. This morning I SWORE that I would certainly remember. And at this moment, fourteen hours later, it's gone. Maybe it's short term memory problems


a casualty of staying in the moment!?

What's good about today is that in the morning, God willing, I get another chance.


  1. Happens to me too -- a kind of here and now and oops-it's-gone amnesia?

    Mary LA

  2. Remembering...Ahhhh! I wite scribblings on a Styrofoam coffee cup. At one time I had thousands, each one representing a meeting...threw them out, now I am back in the hundreds of saved "topics"...You see--we ARE, we ARE all alike!!! Ain't it GRAND?

  3. I do carry a little note pad with me to write down some gems from meetings. I hear so many good things.

  4. that happens to me all the time :) I usually bring my journal with me to write down thoughts I might have or amazing thoughts I hear in the meeting. I like how Syd called them 'gems' because they really are.