Saturday, May 8, 2010

Six Words Says It

This Moment Is All We Have

My son is thinking, just thinking, he says, of going into the army. I feel privileged that he would share this with me. He hasn't spoken to anyone else. I understand that he wants to get away and to sign on to what sounds like a solution. I think he would not be considering this if he was employed and if he was not racking up consequences.

Even a year ago my peace-lovin self would have been offended at the thought of my only child giving his body and future to the military. But now I accept God's will over my own, I do not know the wisdom or the folly of anything, I was not appointed to judge. For some reason, through the ages, humans keep banding together and rationalize bearing arms. It's beyond me but I accept it.


  1. Ahhhh! Acceptance. I absolutely LOVE it! That others write what I need to hear--almost every time I stop and read some posts.

    GOD, I wish I had gone "military"...and retired 22 years ago, with all kinds of benefits. Only thing is, those dammmmm guns...well, I'm not going there.

    Prayers, and wishes for PEACE! to you, Carol

  2. I wonder at the decisions of others, but it isn't up to me to make those decisions for them. Glad that you are letting your son and his HP figure this out.