Sunday, May 16, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Okay, some of you are saying 'It's Sunday', I know, I know, here goes and please forgive the grammar . . .

'I SHOULD . . . all over my self

One of my character defects that underpins my need to be in judgement mode, I practice on myself. Thinking about what I should be doing puts me right into analysis paralysis. It's also a way of practicing unacceptable behavior. I seldom suggest that someone else 'should' do something but I am constantly 'shoulding' on myself, as the founder of Gestalt School of Psychology, Fritz Perls observed.

What's good about today is that I can try to be a better friend to myself. Makes sense?


  1. SO good to read you, dear girl...
    A friend of mine always says to me--It's not old behavior if you're still doing it. OUCH! lol

    How blessed are we that we get to grow and grow...and recover one day at a time?


  2. Yes, I don't like to should all over myself. But I can be good to myself and that means treating myself gently and not with frustration and anger.