Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fable of the Two Wolves

Joe, in program, told this fable during a meeting the first time that I heard it. There was a young Indian boy listening to his grandfather tell a story about the two wolves that live in all of us. One is needlessly aggressive, prone to jealousy, rage and grandiosity. The other was strong in a peaceful way, looked out for other people, tending to his business in an orderly fashion. The boy asked which wolf rules a person and his grandfather replied that it is the one that is fed.

When I feed my ego by focusing on my attachments and achievements I not only lose sight of my higher power, I strengthen my ego, making it harder than ever to rein it in and attend to my spiritual life.

What's good about today is that I can hear things through the filter of the twelve steps and add the wisdom of other members to my understanding.


  1. Carol, I'm trying to say something here: Almost ALWAYS I am needing to hear/read...what YOU are needing to write. And so thank you. A good program, and a good blog post.

  2. I have heard that story and liked it. I don't want to feed my ego but sometimes ego takes over. I am glad to have the program to get me back in balance.