Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Recovering Person

Or, more truthfully, a Discovering Person. I said good-bye to my CoDA group. I'll pop in at some time but I no longer expect regular attendance from myself and wanted to explain my absence. The meeting is an hour away on Saturday mornings and I find that I like that time better for attending to my life. At one time, it was better use of my time to go to this fabulous meeting. Now my life is more interesting to me and I want that time to be spent closer to home.

As in previous post, after 10 years in Alanon, I haven't been to a meeting in some time. I would like to visit my old home meeting and I know I will some day, it takes place early in the evening and I am usually eating or am in transit from work.

So, happily, I will continue to be at the am open AA meeting, a place of healing and reconciliation, meets every day but Sunday. Today I'm headed to church. Tomorrow I want to talk to a meditation leader, a follower of P. Yogananda. Years ago I had a Kriya experience which was quite beautiful . . .

What's good about today is my higher power, all knowing and abundant, to which I turn my face and thoughts.


  1. " higher power, all knowing and abundant, to which I turn my face and thoughts."

    Me, too!

    And it sounds like you are taking care of Carol. GooooD!

  2. Yes, the 'Autobiography of a Yogi' saved my
    sanity many years ago... it landed in my hands
    when I asked for help.(Not that I have been a good meditation person-) I guess walking and gardening are good times for me to "let go".
    sometimes, at meetings and driving...