Monday, June 7, 2010

Third Time is the Charm

This is my 3rd start. Don't really recall what I want to say so **warning, warning** I will be random . . .

There but for the grace of God go I . . . I'm blessed not to have the disease of addiction, I was a dedicated amateur for ten years, from my late teens to my late twenties. By then my first marraige had ended, I was feeling glum enough not to want to add a hangover to it and so my drinking got less and less over each year. As the Big Book says, I was able to drink like a gentleman. Now I'm pretty random about it.

I have not attended an Alanon mtg in 4-5 months, maybe longer. It doesn't interest me except as my entry point into recovery. No one's drinking bothers me, if it comes up I know where I need to go. I invited active disease into my life for 28 months, its been gone for over five years, I've given back to the program with service etc for long enough, the meetings don't interest me. About a year ago, I was attending all three programs, Alanon, CoDA and a daily open AA mtg. Now it only the morning AA mtg that I attend. I find plenty to think about there, ego, isolation, depression, hope and discovery.

What's good about today is that I have a relationship with my higher power and it's manifestation through other people, I am at curious peace when I follow his (her, their) call.


  1. We each have own own needs and I guess as long as they're met, and we're happy and peaceful, that's all that matters.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. You continue with service even without trying. Today you alone handed me something I needed to read. Sometimes one word can change a whole life--can save a life, so that Peep can show/tell others how "it" happened to him.

    I will not comment on this further.

    Thank you, Carol.

  3. Recovery comes when we feel at peace with ourselves and our fellows. How we find it is a personal choice.

  4. welcome again :-) It's nice to know we have a place to go should we need it. I've always thought that the 12 Step program might make a wonderful template for life for anyone, regardless of their alcoholic/addicted state. The principles work and it sounds as if you've discovered this gift. Good for you!