Monday, September 13, 2010

Back to Work

This past weekend I had a lot of trouble staying in the present. My vacation was coming to a close and I couldn't stop thinking about work and focus on more valuable things.

So, this morning I went to my am meeting and stayed a little later than usual on a work day, determined to hear something that would restore me to sanity. What came to me was that besides being fearful, I was stuck in self-pity. I was worrying that I would have a lot to do, that people would be leaning on me.

And I remembered the St Francis prayer and determined that I would spread some joy and hope instead of looking for others to support me. I'm not sure that I accomplished it but I know that I finished the day in much better shape than I started it.

What was good about today is that I let program lead me to my better self.


  1. That is GOOD--being led to "my better self" by the program. I'll try that today.


  2. Recovery is awesome. If I let the program lead me and my HP take me by the hand to guide me, I am in good shape. Glad that you were led to your better self. Awesome.