Sunday, September 26, 2010

Still Good

Guess what? During the Roman Empire there was a civil war that lasted 20 years. People were so thankful when it was over that they lauded their leader, Octavius (Caesar) as Lord and King, they were so grateful that the fighting was done. The Prince of Peace came and put the word out and people wondered if victory really meant peace, or whether it was just a different kind of suppression. A republic ceases to be what it is and becomes an empire instead when order is based on military rule.

To speak one's truth becomes treason when dissension is outlawed. That was two thousand years ago and wars are still waged in the name of peace.

When will we learn and when will peace lovers be seen as commonplace instead of radical and suspicously un-patriotic? We seem forced to repeat history over and over. Blessed be.

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  1. Good questions for these strange times. Peace is what I hope we will attain. But I fear that there may be another Civil War of some sort.