Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

My Pandora station is playing Simon & Garfinkel, Bridge Over Trouble Waters. There are sirens in the background, Santa comes to town on a fire truck with police escort and they go up and down each street so that no child gets left out, it's a raucous deal, can be heard a long time before they are actually on your street. My mother has gone grumpily off to bed. Will be grumpily out of bed wondering what the Sam Hell is going on when the Santa entourage comes past the house. She won't miss it because the dog will be going bananas barking his head off. He finds Santa exciting and he likes fire trucks even more. Combined, well you can imagine, it would only be topped by a couple live reindeer trotting along beside the truck.

What's good about today is everything. My dog agrees with this, I should listen to him more often, I guess.


  1. We have also the traveling Santas on a Fire Truck, hitting every street, road, and alley. They throw candy about like it was dollars in Congress.

    "What's good about today is everything." If only more of us could think like that!
    Christmas Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I like that Santa. And so nice that no child is left out. I really like Pandora radio by the way.