Friday, December 25, 2009

Excerpt From Morning Pages

God must love humans, he takes care that we have such interesting lives that we always get another chance, truly like a benevolent universe that always wants us to grow fresh shoots--God is CRAZY--the seed of plants that is produced in total excess of the need to replicate itself, like the eggs in a toddler's ovary that could populate the state, such as signs that the world should go on that we are blessed and our every need is anticipated and met in abundance, whatever I have to give the world there is a hand and a hand-up ready to receive it.

What's good about today is that even thought I went half my life thinking that I carried it on my shoulders, I now know that I am carried. The universe loves me as I love it and that there will always be 'enough' and that I only need to ask. I can show this to my mother and to my boy that they might not be so lonely thinking that they carry the load of their life. I told that to my mother the other day and she said 'please say it again' and I did and she thanked me and turned away with tears in her eyes. No one has ever told her that she does not have to worry and that all her needs will be met. No one ever told me until I came into recovery.

Thank you.

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  1. How very true. Maybe she will come to believe as you do.