Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Small Thing, Big Thing

1) You know, if God could just add 5 hours to the day then I could take some photographs on my seldom used new camera, upload them (is that what you do?) to my blog and show you more of my life. Perhaps something to achieve in 2010.

2) I came home from mtg last night a little disgruntled, weary, a tad down on myself thinking that I haven't had any zingy (poor, poor girl) happiness, flush of awareness & flourishing feelings in what, a week?

My immediate self talk was that it was the holidays, the best that I've had in my memory in terms of peacefulness & grace & gratitude. I should think that would 'do' in place of stratosphere encompassing rapid self aggrandizing growth!!!

My second act was to pull out my Artist's Way book and read the page that mentions that at times "Your changes may be more like cloud (hey Cloudia!) movements, from overcast to partly cloudy. It is important to know that no matter which form your growth takes, there is another kind of change, slower and more subtle, accumulating daily whether your sense its presence or not. . . Just as travelers on a jet are seldom aware of their speed unless they hit a patch of turbulence, so, too, travelers on the Artist's Way are seldom aware of the speed of their growth"

Damn, isn't she good. Isn't it great that people can speak so well and say it for us, that, my friends, beloveds who say it so well, that is what is good about today.


  1. I may not say it so well...but I say Love to you, my friend-blogger-artist-writer, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    I love your comments on my posts. Thank you. I'm honored. really!

  2. Lovely, usual. I am so glad to be starting the New Year with you in my world!

    I have dug out and dusted off my copy of the Artist's Way and plan to start from the beginning and go through it this coming year again. I want to thank you for all your sharing and your courage and all your love this past year, and am looking forward to even more coming up!

    And that IS what is good about today.


  3. Dare to believe:
    You Are Enough!

    Aloha, Friend
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou (Happy New Year)

    Comfort Spiral

  4. Steve, you say it just right. Thanks to all of you for your gorgeous compliments and your company along the way.