Friday, January 1, 2010

What's Good About Today?

Well, in a perfect world I could have blogged yesterday, the last day of the year, to give it a proper send off. Instead, I was immersed in that last day and wrang it dry. My work day was full and by the time I touched base with family and friends I hit the wall at about 8:30. Topped it off with a perfect caffeine free Diet Pepsi, looked over at the computer and said, "Even for you, I am too tired".

Sounds like I have a lover, doncha' think?

And, do you know, I woke up this am not feeling rested or spiffy. Looking at how I spent yesterday is where I will take my lesson. I spent it diving head-long in different directions at work. I spent my other options eating rich food from the last bit of fruitcake for breakfast (homemade w/pecans, apricots, dates marinating in port for last month) to the dinner out in the evening. It crossed my mind that I could stop at the gym or walk around the block and it crossed right out of my mind.

Putting self care first is hard. For me, it means making wholesome choices and turning down old habits. If I can remember that with that little bit of effort I feel refreshed and in step with the Carol-ness that my creator gave me, I can truly enjoy my life. I can truly live each moment that I'm given. Sounds like a New Years Resolution.


  1. This spoke directly to me and gives me a great idea for the one thing not on my list ever - me.

  2. Taking care of ourselves has to be # 1....
    physically, spiritually, mentally. Then everything else falls into place.

    Happy New Year, dear girl!!!

  3. Self-care is what I'm doing today. I'm at home in front of a fire nursing a sinus headache (and reading a few blogs too).