Monday, January 4, 2010

I'm Pretty Ticked

I said what I meant and I meant what I said and I tried not to say it mean but I said it damned firmly.

And I feel guilty because she's sick and I have this totally unrealistic expectation of MYSELF that I should just gently point out her errors and move along.

I came home to find that she took down the xmas tree after I said that it would stay up until I wanted it down. Later, while my son and I were on an errand, she made a fire (in the wood stove), we never discussed starting fires. I was upset. Furious. Boundaries have been violated, echoes of previous violations that I feel but don't remember. My rights are valid.

I am upset. I'm particularly annoyed because she plays the trump card 'I forgot'. Interesting what gets remembered, what gets forgotten.

The good thing about today is that it is over.


  1. Does ticked mean pissed off (see, I didn't use "quotes" Oooops!).

    I simply LOVE the blog posts which allow me (in this case you, Cat) to write our thoughts, sometimes even the secret ones, honestly, and to realize that all who read have been there (no quotes, again!). So therefore comments are usually something like, "Oh? You, too? Well, get over it, Steve."

    Since you practiced the Alanon Oath so well in the first sentence above, it is time to practice Steve's code of rules: Sit down with a nice bowl of Dulce de Leche ice cream, let it get a bit soft, then eat slowly, with or without a friend (no quotes!), and all tickededness and pissededness will evaporate, sometimes without bloodshed. --grin!

    Have a good day in warm, sunny Ashville....?

  2. Peace and Love, baby....tomorrow will be better.

    Sending you big warm hugs...

  3. Thanks for the hugs!

    Steve, I think being ticked is not quite as bad as being pissed.

  4. I remember the I FORGOTS.. very passive aggressive. (hugs). Stay calm.

  5. Hang in there. I like to ask myself How Important Is It when I get ticked, pissed off, or angry.