Sunday, January 3, 2010

200 Posts

Whoopee, a birthday of sorts! Got on my computer early thinking that I would resume re-writes on my novel. I resist putting novel in quotes because of my coda-ish need to denigrate things that I do that makes me want to not give it true validity. I need to keep up self talk, I am a writer, I write a blog, I wrote a Nano novel, I am now in re-writes.

Can I tell you this and then I will move on to another subject, as you know my re-writes are beginning by simply getting them out of two handwritten notebooks onto computer. The joy of seeing my words in black and white is fantastic. My first goal is to simply, hah!, get it transcribed so that I can print it out and truly look at what is, what stays, what goes. Truly good stuff, but look at me blogging and reading other's stuff.

Example of my mother's co-da stuff, she walks through two rooms to find me to ask if the TV volume is bothering me. I say no, think about it, walk to her room and ask if she wants me to turn it down for her. With relief she says, YES, thank you. Now, I know that it is partly the disease of dementia but I recognize the Eileen in it.

So, as lovely as it is to chat with you (Sherlock Holmes is a great movie for chicks, guys, teens--is Guy Ritchie ready to remarry?) I have to leave and do my heart's work. What's good about today is getting down to business, my business.


  1. I visited your page at...

    If it helps your goals, you can more easily read the "two handwritten notebooks" into a digital recorder and send me the dictated file(s).

    Thereupon, I'll faithfully, perfectly and rapidly transcribe it all and you get the whole thing without fuss.

    Hope that helps.

    Alan Kelly, freelance, of

  2. You're a pip....

    I'm traversing through the printed copy of mine as well...and finding more inventive ways to stall than I could ever have imagined! lol

    I'm right here with ya...


  3. Thanks Alan, I'll keep you in mind.

  4. Carol, good for you on 200 posts! Enjoy working on the rewrites. I really enjoyed seeing the galley proofs. It was like Christmas.