Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another Sexy Post!

Diane Eck, Rosemary Mahoney and Emmett Fox all followed me home today. I ventured into an off price book store and brought them home. Rosemary, I've met before. She wrote an awesome book about religious pilgrimages that she took in a year to reconnect with her Catholicism.

Mr Fox has been a heavy hitter in Kathy Lynn's life (Kathy, schnook'ms, we miss you) and that's recommendation enough for me, I believe he is in Prayer Girl's library as well.

I think I've heard of Ms Eck. Mostly she was right THERE where Meister Eckhart should have been. I took it as a sign. And so for under $6 I have all the wisdom in the universe that I will ever need. It will see me through this snowstorm anyway.

Part of the blessing of my Sat am meeting is that I have an hour ride to get to it and listen to NPR on the way. A writer of a book about the importance of conversation was talking and saying that a good conversation feels good in that it releases the hormone oxytocin which is released during other, ahem, pleasurable experiences. He defines a good conversation as one in which there is mutual appreciation of uncertainty. It brings up so much of what meetings and the fellowship has meant to me. Thank you, praise to my higher power for bringing me this far.


  1. If this oxytocin is released in both the male and female body during conversations, I wonder why guys don't like to talk that much.

  2. Oxytocin is also an essential hormone for women in labor. It brings on contractions. I didn't realize that it was important in conversation. Hormones are so interesting and the feedback loops complicated.